Charity Ekeke grew up in Nigeria and sang in a choir. She saved her gift money to buy a Record Song Book every 6 months. These books had songs from famous recording artists. Learning these songs was how she spent her free time. She would lie down next to her family’s turntable, trying to look inside and wonder how they were able to squeeze people inside the turntable to sing. 

Once in the United States, current events, along with her own personal struggles, inspired her as a singer & songwriter. Her songs are mostly pop & alternative rock style. When her initial attempts to produce her songs were unsuccessful due to trying to balance work-life and raising children, she continued to write songs as an outlet for her creative passion. 

After raising her children, she made a single, “Talk To Me With Your Eyes.” Charity enjoyed the process of making her debut album titled, “She”. 3 of the 11 songs on her debut album were written over 20 years ago. Charity's music comes from a place of truth, authenticity, and fun. “She”- a multi-genre album, has something for everyone. 

Making and producing music is sometimes a difficult endeavor. Charity believes that it is only through God’s blessing that this is possible and is still amazed that she made an album at this point in her life. Presently, Charity is putting efforts into promoting her debut album, “LiFe”. Check out her music on Soundcloud & Spotify.